The person who has wisdom: Does what is right

June 12, 2018Sheen

Last Sunday, my family and I went to the mall. We watched the movie Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom. I was so excited because it’s our first to watch a movie together with our child. Upon buying the ticket , I pointed to my son and told the cashier that we will have him with us. My husband and I were SO sure we don’t need to pay for him yet, but then the lady said that according to their policy children above 1 year old should be charged already. Of course, we were a bit disappointed. That would cost us another P230.00 for someone who will just sleep most of the time at the cinema. Actually he doesn’t look big at his age so one wouldn’t know how old he is already. Then she asked me how old is my son and when is his birthday. In my mind, I was thinking if it’s ok to tell that he’s just 11 months old or less. In short, I would tell a lie. But, still I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t afford to tell a lie just for P230.  I always take it to heart that if God can’t trust me with little, how can He trust me with much?  I don’t know how other people deal with simple situation like this but such situation show our true character.

I’m currently reading and studying the book of Proverbs. This book is written by King Solomon, the man who asked wisdom and knowledge from God more than wealth,possessions, and honor. Now, what really is wisdom? According to my Life Application Study Bible, wisdom is far more than simply knowing a lot. It is the mind of God revealed. A person who has a lot of knowledge is good. But what is knowledge if he doesn’t know how to use it wisely and righteously. I’m so thankful that wisdom cannot be bought. God gives it as a gift. He is generous enough to give wisdom to those who ask for it  (James 1:5). God also gives it to those who earnestly seek it. As I learn more about wisdom God also make me encounter situations where I can apply what I’ve learned. Of course knowing and doing are two different things and the latter is always the one that makes sense. And truly, little by little, I’m beginning to understand why God said that wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing that I desire can compare with it (Proverbs 8:11).

I’m learning in the book of Proverbs the traits of a person who has wisdom. I’d like to share every experiences and situations where God wants me to apply this wisdom that I’ve asked of Him.  One of the traits is that he/she does what is right. The movie experience gave me that opportunity to apply the wisdom that I’ve learned. Honestly, my mind that thinks I should still follow their policy contradicted the feeling of paying additional charge for something I believe isn’t fair. Thank God, I didn’t do something not worth doing at all. Doing what is right doesn’t please everybody. Some may judge you because they will think you are fooled, or that you’ve just wasted that money, etc. But God sees everything and He rewards our deeds. Truly, wisdom will save us from crooked paths and evil ways.




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