Dedicated to God

August 21, 2018Sheen

As a Christian, it is my desire to see my child walking in the ways of the Lord. One important thing that I started to teach my son is the habit of praying. At the age of one, he already knows what to do when we say “let’s pray”. He will stop and put his hands together though after a few seconds he will go back to what he’s doing while listening as we lead the prayer. Just like what it says in Proverbs 22:6 we should train up our children to have habits that we know will help strengthen their faith.

This verse also implies that parents should discern the individuality and special strengths that God has given each one. Each child has natural inclinations that parents can develop. Many parents want to make all the choices for their child, but this hurts him or her in the long run. When parents teach a child how to make decisions, they don’t have to watch every step he or she takes. So it is a must that we should train our children to choose the right way.

I have observed my son to be  fond of reading books. Though of course he couldn’t read on his own yet, but he likes it when we read it to him. He would attentively listen and observe the pictures in the book. Another thing is that he likes listening to music. I would often play Christian songs (especially Hillsong) and he would also play some music in his piano toy that he would enjoy very much. Seeing these things that interest him, I began to dream big for him.

Photo taken on my son’s dedication day on April 2017

Still, I have to keep in mind that I’m not the one to dictate what my son is going to do and what he’s going to be in the future nor can we force the things that my husband and I want for him. God has just placed us in this positions (as his parents) to help him develop the skills and unique strengths that God has given him. We are just here to guide and lead him to be the person God wants him to be and to do the things He wants him to do.  After all, as we have dedicated our son to God, all we can do is to obey and stay true to our commitments.


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